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For the various new homeowners contemplating whether to purchase a studio or one bedroom apartment in Malta, one has to weigh up the odds of both. Both types of apartments are offered by Tumas Developments in all three of their exclusive luxury developments, and for single persons both deliver their advantages.

A studio apartment is generally the least costly option, and a simple floor plan means that such an apartment is very easy to decorate, and does not require a great deal of furniture. The spacious yet intimate layout of a studio apartment is ideal for single persons or those who perhaps have another residence (in the case of a businessman using his studio apartment whilst over in Malta on summer vacation or on business).

One bedroom apartments in Malta inevitably attract more buyers, particularly those who desire more living space and the division of rooms for extra comfort and privacy. The advantage of a separate and private bedroom is advantageous for residents who like to entertain guests on a regular basis. More rooms can provide more space, more luxuries and the greater potential for elaborate furniture and decoration. A one bedroom apartment in Malta is generally large enough for two persons, with a typical apartment from Tumas Developments averaging between 75 and 90 square metres.

Deciding between the two is ultimately a decision of budget, space and your own personal requirements. For part-time summer residents, a studio apartment requires minimal furnishing and minimal maintenance, but for year round living particularly with another person (such as a spouse) then the one bedroom apartment is the best choice. A number of one bedroom apartments and studios in Malta offer spectacular countryside and sea views, and are available from as little as €98,000 for a basic one bedroom apartment to €327,000 for a larger apartment that is luxuriously finished, furnished and ready to move in to, whilst offering a spacious private terrace from which to enjoy Malta’s fantastic views.

The demand for high quality one bedroom apartments in Malta is partially due to the limited space on our island, but also due to the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of an apartment that has its own private space, requires less maintenance than a house, and that is located close to all amenities from shops and pharmacies to local schools, parking, and transport links. The trend for purchasing apartments in Malta is on the increase, thanks in no small part to the sheer quantity that is on offer.

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