Tas Sellum Open House 2013

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Tumas Developments invites you for another Open House, this time at Tas Sellum in Mellieha.

Setting its standards high, the underlying premise behind Tas Sellum Open House is aptly summed up within the manager Mr Bonnici’s own words, as follows:

'Our main intention is to show the general public, and our clients, what they should expect viz a viz finishing standards, lifestyle, and delivery of service’. ‘We would like to show’, he adds on, ‘how much we appreciate our clients and that they hence deserve to be treated on a red carpet. In a nutshell, we are letting them know that we feel privileged that they are doing business with us and that we look forward to continue strengthening our relationships with our existing and potential clients'.

The Open House is open on Sunday 2nd June from 9:30 to 18:30.

Special promotions include surprise benefits on purchasing an apartment including special prices on stunning C. Fino & Sons furniture. 


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