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Date: 25th May 2011

Tumas Developments invites you for another Open House Festa, this time at Tas Sellum in Mellieha.

You are highly encouraged to attend this event.

Date:  Sunday 29th May 2011

Time:  09:30 to 17:30

Location: Tas-Sellum, Mellieha

'Our main aim for the Tas Sellum Open House', says George Bonnici, sales and marketing manager of Tumas Developments, 'is focused solely on the client'.

Indeed, Tumas Developments not only values its customers but it always seeks to go that 'extra mile' in every aspect of marketing. This is what constitutes a professional body of truly dedicated staff.

Keeping competition in the forefront, Tumas Developments knows that the clients’ prime aim is to have value for their money. It would be a dream come true if in addition to this, the clients get good quality standard and design. This is the principle that Tumas Developments is essentially built upon.

Setting its standards high, the underlying premise behind Tas Sellum Open House is aptly summed up within the manager Mr Bonnici’s own words, as follows:

'Our main intention is to show the general public, and our clients, what they should expect viz a viz finishing standards, lifestyle, and delivery of service’. ‘We would like to show’, he adds on, ‘how much we appreciate our clients and that they hence deserve to be treated on a red carpet. In a nutshell, we are letting them know that we feel privileged that they are doing business with us and that we look forward to continue strengthening our relationships with our existing and potential clients'.

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