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Space all over—luxury unbound. This is what Charles Darmanin is used to. He lived a big part of his life in Australia where space, never-ending space is rarely at a premium, and for a long time he developed super-deluxe homes.

Charles had many beautiful, ultra-spacious and comfortable homes back in Australia, so when he speaks of Ta’ Monita in Marsascala and says he loves the space, adores the place and is really happy living there, you immediately know that Ta’ Monita must be really something.

Charlie went to Australia with his numerous siblings when he was just 16. His idea, and that of his parents, was that he would go to college then University. But once he hit the vastness of Australia he immediately set about thinking and dreaming, just like his frame—big and with a bounce.

By one of those quirks of life, he became an apprentice with a contractor for a short time. After conscription he moved on when just 21 to build homes for companies and then, at the ripe old age of 23, he set up his own company with a great friend whose surname was Galdes—so D&G Builders was born. From then on, Charlie never looked back and ever since he has been involved in various companies in Australia and even in Malta. In another life, if he ever comes back, Charlie would love to be an architect—so at least the next life will also have Charlie designing and being involved in homes.

On returning to Malta, Charlie and his wife lived in cosmopolitan Sliema for a few years but they soon yearned for something quieter, more in sympathy with what they were used to down-under. They looked at various other places but nothing came close to what they wanted until they saw Ta’ Monita, which turned out to be the perfect fit.

Whenever I hear someone praising a place my initial reaction is that he is biased, so I went over to check for myself, to see the view, the surroundings, to get a feel of this spectacular new Marsascala property. And I was totally impressed to start with by what the whole development offers but also by what Charlie has made of his place, how he has transformed it into a truly amazing home.

“Marsascala is a great place,” Charlie says in his ever-so-friendly way. “We go for terrific walks, the space is gorgeous, the sea air just fine and the people are truly friendly. Life on the Ta’ Monita Complex is anything but complex—it is all easy and, while you have your space, you also have security, serenity and I am assured of the views of sea, glorious sea forever,” says Charlie while relaxing on his spacious, comfortable terrace.

He shows me all his place, his treasures, his furniture, his children’s and extended family’s achievements with a smile that shows he is a happy and totally fulfilled man. Charlie also loves his cooking, his golf and his teasing friends and exudes rapturously about all three. If there really is karma, then the karma this man exudes is all positive. I can imagine him explaining and managing to easily sway anyone to go for his homes or developments although, having seen photos of these places, I would say it wouldn’t take much persuasion. His workmanship was exceptional and featured in top design magazines.  He also won several awards, including top kitchen, as his company had its own joiners and designers. 

Even now, in retirement mode, Charlie is a man of big action, planning and organising lots of work for good causes or to help his cousins get their own development off the ground. He still squiggles away at designing in meticulous detail dream homes and palatial places as enthusiastically as a young man on a mission. Now he just does it for fun but it keeps him on his toes and keeps his ideas of architecture and dreams as alive as ever.

However, his mission now is to live a good life in Malta. And Ta’ Monita is just the perfect place for him.

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