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Relocating your family or your business to Malta is a surprisingly straightforward process, and there has never been a better time to move. In 2012 and 2013, Malta was voted as ‘One of the Best Places to Live Abroad’ by A Place in the Sun magazine, won ‘Destination of the Year 2012’ by the Travel Trade Gazette, and was also voted as ‘Best Place to Retire’ by Yahoo! Finance.

Malta’s lengthy and diverse history has given it a place in the hearts of many, and attracts expatriates from across the globe. Welcomed by an excellently warm year-round climate and some of the most hospitable locals you will find anywhere, it is little wonder that many of those who choose to holiday in Malta end up settling down permanently.

With the vast majority of the population fluent in English, integration is easy. Locals and foreign residents mix easily and readily, and all nationalities are equally welcome. 

Malta boasts a very low crime rate, and also offers high standards of living, in terms of medical and hospital services that are available both publicly and privately. The island also offers a relatively low cost of living compared to the rest of Europe. 

In terms of relocating your business to Malta, there are numerous tax benefits available to reduce your burden, as well as government and private initiatives encouraging investments. Malta has a favourable 15% flat tax rate for permanent residents and has double-taxation treaties with many countries, meaning that a new resident will not have to pay tax in their country of origin. The island also prospers with a stable property market; there is an abundance of luxurious properties available in all locations, and to suit a wide range of budgets. Several properties, including Tumas Development’s own Portomaso, Ta’ Monita and Tas-Sellum, are located in Special Designated Areas, allowing foreigners to purchase within the same conditions as a Maltese national.

Relocating to Malta offers rich culture and provides a journey of discovery for all who live on its shores. The islands offer tranquillity surrounded by beautiful landscapes and stunning crystal blue seas, whilst providing the perfect retreat for those who love diving, water sports and other outdoor activities. For those who love history, Malta offers a wealth of knowledge with countless Baroque churches and cathedrals, ruins of ancient temples and settlements, Roman remains and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With more monuments per square kilometres than anywhere else in the world, Malta and its rich capital city of Valletta are a treasure trove for heritage-lovers.

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