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A life of luxury is something that every person dreams of, and what better way is there to lead such a life if not by acquiring the perfect luxury property to fulfil your dream?  Tumas Developments was in fact set up to develop luxurious properties for the numerous people who have always aspired to get hold of that ideal home where they would spend the rest of their lives.  Moreover, Tumas Developments want to instil the mentality that buying one of their luxurious properties is not just about buying a residence but more about investing.

Located in a strategic location in the centre of the captivating Mediterranean, Malta is the ideal location from where to purchase such breathtaking and luxurious properties.  The perfect climate as well as the island’s peace and stability better ensure a tranquil and luxurious life which everyone longs for.  This was officially announced on January 2011, where the Maltese Islands ranked first on International Living Magazine, for the best climate on earth.  

Tumas Developments, is synonymous with luxury and premium quality when it comes to properties in Malta.  As a matter of fact, the award-winning property developers have crafted some of Malta’s most prestigious addresses.  They have utilized unique locations on the island, merging together the overwhelming surroundings with state of the art amenities for a life of pure luxury. 

Tumas Developments are in possession of an assortment of luxurious properties, all located in scenic locations around Malta, ensuring the desired top luxury standards sought by numerous property procurers.  A couple of worth-mentioning luxurious properties in Malta are located at:

The Portomaso area is deemed to be among the elite areas of the island, with state of the art luxurious properties equipped with all the latest facilities.  It is sought both as a leisure as well as a business residence for locals and foreigners alike.  This remarkable luxurious property is marked by the Gold Award in the Luxury Development Category, awarded in the Best Marina Development Category of the 2005 International Property Awards; an award which is highly yearned by all property developers in the industry.

The Tas-Sellum Residence in Mellieha, falls nothing short of the luxurious properties in the Portomaso area.  This elegantly designed luxury property estate is bound to endow all residents with the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle.  Moreover, the area is enhanced by the unobstructed panorama of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the Maltese Islands.  

The Ta’ Monita Residence in Marsascala is the cherry on the cake when it comes to luxury properties in Malta.  The project was taken up by Tumas Developments together with The Gasan Group of Companies to bring a completely innovative sense of taste to the Maltese Islands, in close proximity to the Mediterranean sea. 

It’s worth noting that all of the above mentioned luxury properties are in special designated areas, meaning that non-Maltese residents acquiring any one of the luxurious property would be entitled to the same rights as Maltese citizens.  This privilege is granted without requiring a permit from the Maltese Government.

In conclusion, the unmistakable unique designs and luxurious characteristics manifested in all of Tumas Developments’ properties, make them the obvious choice when coming to purchase a luxury property on the Maltese islands.

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